Deer hunting

Deer hunting. September / October / November / December

This kind of hunting is one of Northern Europe most difficult ways of hunting, it is the real thing.
We are hunting wild deer in there own area, the mountain. The hunting camps are in the mountain, small cabins with 2 beds.
Very simple standard, but there is all you need to stay over night. The base camp is a large apartment close to the center of Stordal.
More detailed descriptionopf the base camp/lodging, you will find in the site for salmon fishing.
And in the Norwegian version: "Overnatting" and "Billedgalleri - overnatting"

Hunting in the mountain, Myrdalen, about 4-500 m. up from the fjord.
A small valley, the side of the mountain and a forest region. There is a small hunting cabin, with two beds, low standard.
We have several kind of shooting fields and small shooting places in the area.
This is a place where the deer are crossing between the mountain and the forest.
They have several tracks in this area. For a person in normal condition, it will take about 45 min. to 1 hour to walk
from the road and up to the hunting cabin.

We can offer hunting for two deers, any kind.
The flesh/meat of the deer is incl. in the price
This incl. one professional hunting guide in the mountain the first day.

Base camp in the village.
Big apartment, good standard, about 225 m2, 7 bedrooms.

Start of the hunting season in Norway, 04. of September. one week.
In the midle season - early November, one week.

Basic Price one week:
Base camp, hunting cabin, guide for one day and hunting at two deer for one week.
1 person 2000 Euro.
Small group:
2 persons pr. person 1.200 Euro
3 Persons pr. person 1.000 Euro


Restaurant near the base camp, and we can deliver dinner to the apartment.
Breakfast is selfboard.
We take care of the transport from and to the airport in Aalesund,
and there are professional hunting guides available.






High mountain Buck

Myrdalen 400 meters above the fjord

(Moore photoes flere bilder fra jakt ).

Result from the south side of

6 man go hunting

The north side of Stordal,

Mountain hunting



Hunting guest

Our most popular way of hunting

Local hunting team take in guests for the deer hunting season.

Second weekend in September, high mountain deer hunting. 1-2 nights up in the mountain.

We have also available for "normal" hunting on the mountain of "Langsetrane" in the periode of 01. september to 30. september.
And in our home hunting terrain, in november and december
Arrival on thursday, hunting on friday, saturday and sunday, departure on monday
Hunting for deer, roedeer and fox.

Transport from airport, lodging, food, hunting. Euro 800 pr person

No hidden fee

This is the “hunting of the year”. You need good condition, and if you will hunt with us, as a member of our team,
you have to be a hunter with long and good experience from deer hunting to be a guest in this week end.

We also take in guests later in the autumn, in October/November. Then in a hunting area not so extreme. In these hunting weekends we can take until 4-5 guests on each weekend. In these weekends you can stay on the mountain in a small cabin one night, from Friday to Saturday. We hunt the North side of the valley on Fri/Sat. On Saturday, we go down to Stordal on the evening. Stay in a big apartment evening and nigh, and hunt the south area on Sunday

This way of hunting is one of northern Europe most difficult kinds of hunting, it is the real thing. We are hunting wild deer in there own area, the mountains. This is the real hunting and we have high and long experience with hunting in these mountains.

We take care of the transport from and to the airport in Aalesund, apartment, food/dinner and you will be a member of the hunting team for one weekend with extreme deer hunting.

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